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Not sure which WordPress tools you need?

It’s finally time to get that website you’ve been talking about for years, and you want to know what are the essential plugins for WordPress websites. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We listed the top 6 WordPress tools that we believe you’ll absolutely need to ensure the best possible results for your website: WP Rocket Plugin, Imagify Plugin, Yoast SEO Premium Plugin, Hustle Plugin, Fathom Analytics Plugin, GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin.

WP Rocket Caching and Speed Optimization Plugin

You know when you go on a website, and it takes what feels like forever to load? Well, that can be due to multiple factors. Not having a premium cache plugin is one of them. If you want your page to rank well across search engines, having a solid conversion rate and optimizing the user experience is non-negotiable. In many cases, when using WordPress, you may need to use a caching plugin to help speed up your website. Although there are several caching plugin options out there, in our experience, WP rocket is the most seamless one and comes at a price that won’t break the bank (starts at $49/year)! The parent company behind this plugin is WP Media, and they’ve created two other products that complement each other very well. Imagify is one of those products, and we believe it to be in the top 6 WordPress tools that every website needs.

Imagify Plugin

Another factor that can slow down your website speed is the size of the pictures. Luckily, the Imagify Plugin is able to optimize any image without compromising quality. In fact, it not only reduces the size of the image but it generates a new format for the web known as WebP. This permits the website to load faster. Imagify offers 3 levels of compression: normal, aggressive and ultra. This plugin is free and easily available on wordpress.org. If you plan on having a ton of images on your website, Imagify offers an Unlimited plan monthly plan for $9.99/month.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

This one is definitely a must. This plugin enables your website to perform better across most search engines. It provides insights on optimizing website pages and content to perform better. There are certain tools that will help you boost your individual posts, while other tools aim to influence the SEO of your whole website. Yoast SEO is great (and free) with plenty of features but using the premium version offers even more incredible features that will ramp up your site’s ratings. For example, you’ll have access to an advanced redirects manager to prevent 404s. You’ll be able to use their integrations like Semrush, Wincher, and Zapier, and you’ll get access to all their courses on the Yoast SEO academy.

Hustle Plugin

Hustle no more; Hustle is here for you. This amazing plugin by WMPU DEV will save you so much time when building up your audience. It has the ability to build a mailing list and convert site traffic. Within the Hustle plugin dashboard, lead generation is available by implementing opt-in forms, targeted marking popups and designer-made templates. The best part, it’s free!

Fathom Analytics Plugin

This plugin is an open-source Google Analytics alternative that allows you to analyze the data thoroughly. It was created to provide a simpler dashboard for management reporting and financial analysis tools while taking the user’s privacy into consideration, which Google doesn’t quite seem to do. Although Fathom Analytics does come at a starting cost of $14/month, we believe this platform is essential because of its forward privacy methods and its user-friendly reporting dashboard.

These days most websites have these little pop-ups that ask if you’ll give your consent to activate cookies. This feature provides immense support for the host of the website. However, it is illegal to collect these cookies without consent. So to save your future self some trouble, make sure you utilize a GDPR cookie consent feature.

Alright, there you have it. These 6 essential plugins for WordPress websites will get you locked and loaded in a matter of no time! If you’re hesitating on how to move forward with web design, look no further. We’ve got you covered. If you have any other questions about these tools, feel free to reach us at info@elevatedbusinesssolutions.com or via our contact page.

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