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1.22 billion people use Instagram every single month. It’s no wonder that businesses from every industry flock to this social media goldmine to take advantage of its vast customer base. Fortunately, Instagram provides several creative and unique tools businesses can use to reach customers, like Posts, Reels, Stories, and more. They also recently dropped a new feature called Instagram Notes. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these notes and how to use them to promote your business’s products and services. Leep reading to learn more and for some funny Instagram Notes inspo!

What Is an Instagram Note?

Instagram notes are a new way that people and businesses can communicate with their followers. You can think of them as little sticky notes that everyone can see that can only be 60 characters. 

You can make them available to all your followers or your “Close Friends” list. To see them, just go to your inbox, and you’ll see them above all of your direct messages. 

Similar to Instagram Stories, these Notes will only hang around for 24 hours, and your friends and followers can reply and react to them. When they do, you’ll get a message in your inbox. 

You can use these to share news, funny thoughts, or whatever you want. 

Most people may not know about Instagram Notes because the company didn’t announce anything when it was released.  This handy feature was dropped in June 2022 on unsuspecting app users, creators, and business owners. 

Let’s dig in further on how to use it and effective strategies for them.

How To See Instagram Notes?

To see Instagram notes is super easy. Once you learn how it works, it can be a great way to get a text message out to all of your followers, similar to how Twitter works. 

Let’s cover the simple steps you must take to create a Note.

Step 1: Open up your Instagram app. Sign in if you need to.

Step 2: Head over to your inbox in the top right corner of your screen. It will look like a little message bubble with a squiggly line.

Step 3: Near the top left corner of your screen, you’ll find a little box that says, “Share a thought for your friends to see here…” It will also say, “Your note.” Click this button.

Step 4: Go ahead and write your update to your followers! Remember, it needs to be under 60 characters. There will be a #/60 characters limit just below that will show you if you go too high.

Step 5: Choose who you want to see your IG notes. You can choose the “Followers you follow back” or your “Close Friends” list.

Step 6: After you’ve written your message and chosen who you want to see it, just hit the “Share” button on the top right of the screen. 

That’s it! You’ve just shared a personal message with your followers.

Why Should I Use Instagram Notes?

Every social media platform has unique ways that creators and businesses can reach their audience. In the past, to reach your audience on Instagram, you needed to put some work into making an eye-catching photo, a fun video, or at least an engaging story.

You should use Instagram Notes as an effortless way to communicate with your followers. They are also not pushy compared to other forms of communication on Instagram. 

None of your followers receive notifications when you post a Note, and they are neatly put away in the user’s inbox. This makes them much more subtle than Posts, Reels, and Stories and is much less direct than a DM. 

They are still an effective way to broadcast any news, updates, or important information your business may have. 

They can easily reach the eyes of your followers because they are the first thing users see when they open up their inboxes. Stories are now prevalent, leaving many of them lost in the fold. However, only a few Notes are usually posted.

With that much viewing power, they have a minimal level of commitment like a Post or a Story has, either. Go ahead and blast a message to your followers; it’ll be gone in a day.

Ideas for Notes

Writing a fun note is about your brand’s personality or… yourself. Having fun ideas should match the message you’re trying to give your followers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t search for inspiration. 

Here are some fun Notes ideas you can take further for your posts!

Best Instagram Notes

Here are some general ideas that we think are some of the best ideas to post.

  • You don’t know me.
  • Life happens; coffee helps
  • Thank God it’s Friday
  • I’m your worst nightmare.
  • Going to go crazy tonight
  • Live in the moment
  • Catch flights, not feelings
  • Music is my sanity
  • What’s everyone doing?
  • It’s a good day to have a good day
  • Blessed mess
  • Don’t just exist, live
  • One step at a time
  • Stressed but blessed
  • I am my own biggest crush
  • Oh, hello, there!
  • Worry less, smile more
  • Just another day at the office
  • Make yourself a priority
  • No more excuses
  • Post-yoga happiness

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Instagram Notes ideas. It’s up to you to make them your own.

Funny Instagram Notes

Here are some Instagram Notes that have gotten popular for being funny. Give them a read, and let them inspire the comedian in you.

  • Every time I open my inbox, there are five new useless notes
  • Are these the new way to slide into DMs?
  • Insta needs a way to “search name” in story views
  • Great, now we have to hear what’s on everyone’s mind
  • Dear crush, pls just send your note to my DM
  • Notes are a great way to say hi to your crush indirectly
  • Uh…can I turn off these notes?
  • Everyone is acting like a therapist on these notes lately
  • Instagram is turning into Notestagram

I guess the “cool” way to post Notes is to… make fun of Notes?

Cute Designs for Notes

Here are a few more for those that are feeling cute.

  • Don’t give up only your dreams. Keep sleeping.
  • Stress less, enjoy the best
  • I was born on my birthday
  • Reminder: you’re beautiful!
  • Maybe she’s born with it.
  • Sunday Funday
  • Mentally at the beach
  • Sun-kissed 

Adding emojis is another excellent way to get people’s attention in their inboxes!

Frequently Asked Questions

With new features on popular social media platforms come further questions. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram Notes.

Why Can’t I see Notes on Instagram?

Although the Instagram Notes feature dropped in June of 2022, not everyone has been able to access the feature yet. 

The company confirmed that the feature has only been rolled out to a limited number of users. For some people, it might be because the feature is not yet available in your location.

If the Instagram Notes feature is not showing on your app, you can go to the App Store or Google Play Store and update the app. 

If it still doesn’t show up, you might have to be patient until they roll out the feature in your area. 

How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram?

Not everyone likes new features when they’re added. Some people might wonder how to get rid of notes on Instagram or how to turn off notes on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the Notes section once the feature is added. If you’ve already updated your app to the latest version, you can’t eliminate them. The only way to possibly do this is to download an older version of the app.

How to Hide Notes on Instagram?

Follow the steps below to hide Instagram notes from the conversation box:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application and swipe the screen to the right to access the DM section.

Step 2: Here you will find the shared notes of others. Simply perform a long press on the notes you wish to conceal and then tap the mute notes button. This will silence all future notes from the specified Instagram account.

Step 3: Tap the muted notes again to validate your action.

How Do I Delete an Instagram Note?

We all make mistakes. If you write a note that you regret, know that it isn’t permanent. No matter what the reason is, getting rid of a note is easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Head over to your inbox by clicking the top right icon on the screen.

Step 2: Click the note that you want to delete.

Step 3: Click “Delete note.”

That’s it! 

What Is a Note on Instagram?

A note is a short message that can be posted on Instagram. They are under 60 characters and disappear in 24 hours.

Start Attracting Your Audience on Instagram

That’s everything you need to know about Instagram Notes. They are a creative, fun new way to interact with your followers to ensure that your brand or business stays top of mind.

If you’re ready to start building better results that matter with quality content, look no further than Elevated Business Solutions. We provide top-quality social media marketing services to help brands grow organically. Reach out to us today!

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