Social Media Strategy, Content and Management

Social media is an amazing way for your business to get the attention of potential and already existing customers, to build relationships and to increase your overall brand awareness and authority. Highly underated, few marketing companies really know how to utilize social media effectively due to algorithms constantly changing. We on the other hand have a proven, fool-proof method that continues to drive results.

If outsourcing your social media operations is not an option for your business, we offer our clients one-on-one or group training sessions so that they can learn to manage and optimize their business’ social media platforms in-house. If you do not know what types of content you should be creating to increase audience growth and engagement, we can devise an in-depth social media strategy that will get you those results. Don’t have the time, energy, patience or know-how to manage your own channels? You can count on us to create and manage all of your content and social media platforms. Worried about quality-control? The reason we exist is to make your life easier, but to also ensure your brand and customer experience is of the highest-quality. If requested, every peice of content will wait to be approved by you before being released.


Your brand identity is one of the most important factors a potential client will use to determine whether or not to do business with your company.

Our team will develop a comprehensive identity that will shine through both online and offline. Your brand is everything from how you look, to how you answer the phone, to the voice and personas you embody online. Your brand is more than just a website and must be harmonious across all platforms to ensure you deliver a consistent customer experience. Not sure where to start? No problem! Whether you need to create a new brand for a new company, grow your existing brand presence or would like to rebrand your business, we’re here to help.

WordPress and Shopify Web Design, Hosting and Management

Web presence is more important than ever before, with a substantial portion of marketing and sales being conducted electronically. We at Elevated Business Solutions understand the importance of having a website with a professional appearance and the right content.

That is why we offer a variety of website solutions for different business needs and market audiences. We structure and build your new website, as well as setup your hosting for you. If requested, we are capable of managing your website's weekly and monthly maintenance on your behalf or we can give you hands on training so you can manage your website yourself. Regardless of your website needs, we will always be here to help you put your best foot forward.


Business is about more than just products and services. It's about creating a customer experience people will come back to for more, time after time.

~ Elevated Business Solutions

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