Here at Elevated Business Solutions, we value professionalism and show respect for your intellectual property. We will gladly comply with non-disclosure agreements as is our policy.  We work in a variety of fields, and consequently, we also offer our services for individual projects requiring up to secret security clearance.

Any jobs requiring Top Secret clearance, please contact us for details.


To effectively leverage oneself in business, one should be knowledgeable before acting; therefore, we go above and beyond to provide you with the best information.  This allows for you to make your important decisions from a position of understanding, thus adequately managing risk. We understand the importance of extensive and unbiased external input, and more importantly, deciding from the most informed knowledge base.

If you require an outside opinion for progressing your business decisions, we offer an advising service. We will first discuss your plans and determine what your requirements are, then we provide well-informed guidance (both verbal and written) via our dedicated advisors.

If you require an informed research-based opinion before moving ahead with a decision, we offer in-depth market research and business analysis services. We have unique tools available only to Elevated Business Solutions such as Ashura Real-Time Business Analytics.

Ashura is an automated software we designed specifically to source the web for real-time trends that are currently on the rise.

By utilising our industry experts and exclusive tools we are capable of positioning ourselves to provide meaningful assistance in your decision-making process.  Ultimately this is to help further your business towards your goals and objectives.

Project Management

Do you have a task that needs completing? Are you harboring innovative ideas to research and/or develop? This is where Elevated Business Solutions can manage a team of relevant experts to make your vision a reality.

We engage in discourse with you to gain a thorough understanding of what your vision is, thus allowing us to determine the most effective methods we can utilize to reach your end goal.  We will then consult with both our in-house team, and our affiliates to ensure your project can be completed.  If everything is agreed upon, we proceed to manage the entire process through to its completion.

Business Development

At Elevated Business Solutions creating long-term value for your business is our primary focus, so we give attention to building long-term relationships with your existing customers while finding new ones. We assess all the variables to create new opportunities in your current market and expand into new markets.

To develop your business, we discuss your company's vision, then establish how we can best address your needs. We will identify your current challenges, ascertain your requirements, discover your audience expectations, and customize an innovative strategy. Continued growth is necessary; thus we set further benchmarks based on the progress we have made. This service can include all details including logos, business plan writing, start-up, growth, and scaling.

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We specialize in:  
» Startup Planning & Implementation
» Brand Creation, Placement, & Awareness
» Market Expansion
» New User or Client Acquisition
» Positioning Businesses To Scale
» Creating Long-Term & Strategic Business-To-Business Partnerships

Business Automation

Have you become tired of spending profit on the process of e-marketing?

That’s not a problem any longer because we can create content and automate the use of it for you. The process involves efficient use of market-appropriate materials that are consistent with company marketing goals.  Our automation services can be utilized to disperse marketing content for a variety of platforms such as mass email, web posts, social media posts, and more.

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We offer automation in the following fields:  
» Social Media
» Content Management System (CMS) Integration
» E-mail Marketing
» Lead Generation


Our sales and marketing team knows what it takes to increase your company's visibility on the web. When it comes to creating ads that actually convert, Elevated Business Solutions has it down to a science. Whether you want to improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO), create Facebook advertising campaigns that result in conversions (sales), or create sales funnels for a specific product, we have the knowledge and skills to begin the process for you.

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We offer: 
» Product Research & Development
» Market Segmentation
» Product Positioning
» Social Media & Digital Marketing – Website, Facebook & Instagram Advertising
» Online & Offline Ad Creation

Content Creation

If you wish to optimize your online marketing, it is important that you have the right content.  This includes written and visual aids intended to create leads, and furthermore to secure customers from those leads.

At Elevated Business Solutions we offer marketing content, both online and offline, to further your business goals by reaching your target consumer. First we will discuss the target audience, images you want to associate with, and your overall company branding goals.  Subsequently, we create content that resonates with your target market and is consistent with those predetermined goals, and optimize them for both your target market and other markets to expand into.  We have experience developing content in the forms of articles, slideshows, blogs, web ads, social media posts and ads, brochures, commercials, posters, and much more.

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We Offer: 
» Blog Posts
» Reseach Articles
» Interview Articles
» Social Media Photos and Posts
» Slideshows & Presentations
» Infographics

Content and Social Media Management

If you have online content that needs to be used to its optimal potential, Elevated Business Solutions can manage that content, thereby relieving your schedule of that component of your marketing strategy. We start by discussing the best ways to utilize the content you have, and then implement it strategically to drive desired results.  We place a special emphasis on the timing and frequency of your online presence to maximize its effectiveness in reaching your target audience. This creates more opportunity to convert leads.

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We Offer Content Management For: 
» Websites
» Facebook
» Instagram
» Twitter
» Webinars

Web Design

Web presence is more important now than ever before, with a substantial portion of marketing and sales being conducted electronically. We at Elevated Business Solutions understand the importance of having a website with a professional appearance and all the right content.

The first step is to meet and discuss your most appropriate options.  We offer a variety of solutions for many different business needs and market audiences.  We do the structuring and building of your new website for you, and if requested we are also able to edit or create content to best reach your market.  We actively use industry standards to make your website a useful tool, and we use various tools to optimize your website for generating and nurturing leads. Our web design services include a basic website, multi-page websites, and in-depth e-commerce websites.

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We Can Design: 
» Blogs
» Landing Pages
» One Page (Infiniti Scroll) Sites
» Standard 5 page Personal Or Business Sites
» Online Stores
» Corporate Websites
» Membership Websites

Graphic Design

You decided to create a business, you finalized your business plan, and you went so far as to think of a company name. Now what? You need a logo to help distinguish your brand from your competitors!

If you want a meaningful and professional logo for your business, you have landed yourself in good hands with Elevated Business Solutions. Our in-house graphic designers create works of art, but also know what it takes to accurately represent your business.  We are also aware that designing a logo to your exact specifications can become costly, so we have created additional template options for those working with a tighter budget.

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We Can Design: 
» Logos
» Flyers & Brochures
» Online Ads
» Poster Ads
» Banners
» Product Packaging

Proofreading and Editing

To deliver your message to your target audience without room for individual interpretation, it is important to use the written language appropriately. Whether a presentation, research paper, or blog, we have experienced writers to proofread and edit a variety of writing styles. Our focus with this service is to make everything grammatically correct, thorough, and concise.

We first discuss the nature of your writing, determine the key areas to emphasize, understand the intended audience, then start altering your works appropriately.  We provide this service for all works including, but not limited to: web content, blogs, articles, research papers, and documents requiring up to secret security clearance.

All online content is strategically restructured to drive audience engagement and results.

Business Plan Writing

Have a great idea, but have no idea how to execute it? Don't you worry. We've got you covered.  Elevated Business Solutions offers business plans to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey.  There is an abundance of factors to be considered before starting a company, and we have products to help ease that burden.

We have three levels of a business plans we use to accomplish incremental amounts of the business-building process.  We have a basic package for beginning and start-up, an intermediate package to focus on operations and business growth, and an executive package to emphasize scaling and growth in the market.

Undercover Associates

If you already have a business, it is not always easy to find meaningful input about operations, employees, or goal achievement. Details are often hidden intentionally or disguised by individuals looking to avoid repercussion from authority figures, or individuals looking to impress them. This is a widespread phenomenon, hence Elevated Business Solutions offering to acquire the information for you.

When considering utilising this service, consider the show Undercover Boss. We know being the boss comes with a long task list and does not often allow time for additional work.

Our process includes sitting down with you, developing a checklist of criteria that you would like to have audited and then we send in one of our consultants undercover.

We can fill roles from customer service associates to C-Level Executives.

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We Can Facilitate Undercover Associates In The Following Industries: 
» Finance
» Automotive
» Retail
» Landscaping & Construction
» Business Administration
» Event Planning

Contact us to see what roles we can facilitate in each industry.

Have a specific question? Shoot us an E-mail.