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If you’re trying to boost your SEO, adding yourself to a business listing site in Canada is one way of doing it. Although a business listing site can be excellent web listing solution, there are some things to be cautious of. By the end of this blog, you’ll know what to pay attention to when adding your business to a business listing site in Canada.


What Is A Business Listing Site?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s break down what a business listing site is all about. Think about a phone directory but for the online world, in a format of a website.  Business listing sites are beneficial for the public (as they can be easily accessible by anyone who has internet) and business owners. When businesses decide to post on a business site they can add contact information, services offered and photos. If you want to find a specific service, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


What Are The Benefits of Using a Business Listing Site?


Website Exposure and Improved SEO

What’s that saying, “you won’t know if you don’t try”? Getting yourself out there can be challenging but at least by placing yourself on a public business listing site you increase your exposure. In doing so you can also help the search engine optimization by adding more inbound links. The more backlinks in the form of external site click-throughs, the higher your google ranking will be.


Boosts Brand Image

If the clients are loving the work you do, the more likely it is that they will give you raving reviews. When other potential clients see those reviews, they’ll be attracted to the idea of working with you.


Potential Partnerships and Potential Employees

The beautiful part of the online world is the ability to connect with people worldwide. Gone are the days when you need to meet people in person to conduct business. Your business listing can be used to find new contracts and expand your business while simultaneously attracting talented individuals looking to work for you.


Reduced Advertising Costs

One of the greatest advantages of online business listings is that a lot of them are free. This saves on costs on paying for things like newspaper adds, radio adds and commercials. That being said some business listings can charge a premium if you’re looking to take your advertising to the next level but it’s not always needed.


What To Look Out For Using Web Listing Solutions

Some business listings  are kind of a free for all, as in anyone can join and anyone can leave bad reviews.

Not all directories are weighted equally and can harm search engine visibility so it’s important to stick to business listings or business directories that have been around for many years and are in good standing with Google.

When referring to websites or directories that are in “good standing” with Google, we’re referring to websites that have a domain authority ranking of DA30+.

Visit Ahrefs or Moz to check the domain authority of any website you want to list your business on or receive a backlink from.Often, websites with a domain authority of less than 30+ have either not been around long enough or have been penalized by Google in some capacity.


34 Business Listing Sites in Canada

Thinking of taking the leap? This list incorporates the top rated business listing sites in Canada. Want us to get you listed on these sites? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

50 Business Listing Sites To Get On In the USA.

If you’re seeking out business listing sites in the USA, we’ve borrowed a list from the top 50 most reliable spots from Hubspot. Want us to do the heavy lifting for you and have your business listed on the sites mention on Hubspot? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Once You’re on Stage- You Shine

It might take some time for your business listing to get traction but using features of web listing solutions can be super beneficial. When the time is right automating this process by a third party can be quite the relief and something we’d be happy to help with. With all other things automation, check out our article.

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