Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find common questions that our customers have asked. If the answer you require is not on this page, please send us an email via our Contact Us page.

What do you do?

Our primary function is to assist businesses in any stage of their development or operation.  Our primary focus is consulting, but we have experience in most development and marketing strategies as well.

What industries do you specialize in?

We do not have one narrow focus in any particular industry but have instead gathered experienced individuals from a wide variety of fields including but not limited to business development, defense, research & development, e-marketing, law, writing, finance, and graphic design.

Do you guarantee an increase in revenue?

We do not make guarantees on the results of our services. We do our work to the best of our abilities, but since there will always be factors out of our control, we can not guarantee any results.

Is it enough to work with only one of your areas of operation?

There is always a use for our individual areas of operation, and there can be positive results, but there is a higher rate of success when utilizing multiple services rather than one.

How many of your clients reach their goals?

Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose details of our customers’ business ventures as we do not request such details from our clients.  The most information we can provide is in our customer testimonials.

What are your payment terms?

Each of our services has its own payment requirements. Some are hourly, others are paid in intervals, and others still are paid upon job completion.  There are exceptions where we will require funds up-front where travel is required, or if there are necessary expenses required in order to commence working on your project.

I am located in a different country, can I still use your services?

Yes, we are more than happy to extend our services to anyone within our legal range of operation.  If convenient we will arrange video meetings and/or phone calls to initiate the process, and if required you can transport one of our advisors to you.

Do I truly need a business plan?

It is advised for anyone running a business.  Business plans are a detailed document and can serve as a day-to-day roadmap of all operations.  If looking to raise capital from investors, it is also a necessity to provide an attractive business plan that outlines progress and projections.  A more direct answer to the question is a simple yes, you truly need a business plan.

Do you ever invest in your clients?

No, we are not in the business of investing.  Under extremely rare circumstances we may be open to providing our services for equity, but financial investment is not our area of operation.

Why should we hire consultants to write our business plans instead of doing it ourselves?

Our consultants have access to thorough tools for developing a practical and effective business plan.  Even someone with strong work ethic and above average understanding may not be aware of all the right questions to ask without such guidance. Rather than being dealt with head on, this could leave some areas of importance in need of consideration .

Will you agree with everything I say?

It is not likely that we will agree with everything you say.  Our consultants are trained to think outside the box you think inside of, and guide you to innovative ideas that have not previously been considered.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide a refund for services that have already begun.  With products we sell, Elevated Business Solutions retains the right to decide what level of usage warrants declining a refund. With regard to our services, we do not refund payment given in advance for project-related expenses, or payment provided for hourly rates.  If a project is halted after it has begun, Elevated Business Solutions is to be paid for the portion of the work that has already been completed by such time.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

We encourage all clients to bring forth a non-disclosure agreement for us to sign, but we will likely make alterations and/or additions before mutually agreeing to sign any contracts with our clients.  Elevated Business Solutions reserves the right to refuse work if we feel our interests are not adequately protected in any documents or contracts provided by either party in relation to a given project.

Can you send us samples of your work?

We can not provide samples of completed works as this would violate our privacy policy, and contracts of non-disclosure between Elevated Business Solutions and our clients.  At best, we can provide a small list of completed projects upon request.