What does content creation look like for you?

Are you constantly on your phone, trying to keep up with creating quality content , and feeling like you need more time?


I remember when I first started building on Instagram, I did not have even the slightest clue of what I was doing. I was glued to my phone, spending countless hours trying to create amazing content for my audience. Then, remembering when to post the content I created was a whole other story. I had a bit of a learning curve, but I got through it. Now, I get to show you all how to streamline your content creation process.
Ready to learn how to free up a ton of your time?
Of course you are. Who doesn’t want more time to focus on more important things?
Alright, so first thing is first.

Content Creation

The way that I like to approach my content is by giving myself dedicated time throughout a given day or week. Doing so will allow you to sit down and focus. I usually spend about 4-8 hours over the weekend, because I don’t really see it as work in my case. But giving myself 4-8 hours to strictly work on social media content allows me to create roughly one month worth of content. Which also means I’m not constantly on my phone.
Yes… you read that right. One month worth of content. To put this into perspective, I currently operate one website, four Facebook groups, 3 Instagram accounts and two twitter feeds strictly for business and personal use. That doesn’t include the accounts we take care of and manage on behalf of our clients.

So how do I manage to create that much content?


When it comes to content creation as a whole, the starting point for anything should always be TEMPLATES. Develop the framework for almost any type of content you will be creating.
For example, let’s say you have a website and need to put out articles on specific subjects, or they require unique writing styles and formats. Easy enough. Create templates for each of those once, so that any time you need to you can immediately open up the framework and fill in the blanks. Same thing would go for all of your social media channels.

Instagram templates, Facebook templates, Twitter templates, and so forth.

Put in the work now to get all of the nitty-gritty details out of the way, so that you can get back to focusing on your business.

Content Scheduling

The second little trick most people never even consider using when first starting out is a content scheduling software or application.
Content scheduling software does exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to select the specific times of day you’d like to post your content. Better yet, when it comes to social media, the software even allows you to have the captions for your posts pre-written. Meaning, no more writing captions on the fly! Wahooo!
If being able to schedule your content is of interest to you, there are three scheduling software/applications I would recommend. There are pros and cons to each of the platforms, so take a look at the summaries below. I’ve also attached a direct link to what each platform has to offer, just click on each of the names!


Starting $0/month

• up to 3 accounts
• 10 scheduled posts per account
• Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn
• Mobile App to download so you can use both phone and computer


Starting at $0/month

• 1 profile per social media channel
• 30 scheduled posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
• 50 scheduled posts for Twitter


Starting at $99/month

• Complete social media management
• All-in-one social inbox
• Monitor profiles, keywords and locations
• Tasking and social CRM toolset
• Publish, schedule, draft and queue posts
• Social content calendar
• Group, profile and post-level reporting
• iOS and Android mobile apps
• Includes 5 social profiles

That’s it for today folks! If you have any questions regarding this article feel free to send us an email or reach out to me via social media!

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