Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction Treatment Centre

$200K+ sales

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health had a plan to position themselves as Ontario’s Premier Luxury Addiction Rehab Centre.

With a primary focus on delivering superior level addiction and mental health rehabilitation services to their clients, SAMH enlisted our help to increase their website traffic and conversions, strengthen overall brand presence and improve website user experience.  To increase website traffic and conversions, establishing a reliable and trustworthy brand identity was key. Elevated Business Solutions is proud to work with a company that is not only innovative but contributes to health and wellness conversations.


Increase website traffic and conversions, close more sales, and generate more revenue.



  • No Website Traffic
  • Many Pages
  • Hard to Navigate Menu, Pages, URLs
  • Poor SEO techniques used
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Images used did not follow Industry best practices.


To increase website traffic we:

  • Completed an SEO Audit and Keyword Map
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Improved SEO on every page
  • Began releasing blog content consistently
  • Submitted business to 30+ business listings
  • Completed outreach to guest blogs and backlinking sites
  • Optimized Google My Business profile
  • Used Google My Business post feature
  • Optimized social media channels
  • Developed and shared content on IG, Facebook, LinkedIn

To increase conversions we:

  • Created three short videos – Introduction, Meet The Team, Tour of Business
  • Established SAMH as industry expert through blog content
  • Gathered more Google and video reviews/testimonials
  • Optimized home page layout
  • Optimized website menu layout and display
  • Optimized how information was presented on pages
  • Monitored website visitor activity such as page visits, link clicks and page scrolls.


In under five months, we improved all areas mentioned above and are continuing to deliver consistent leads for our client. Because we utilized organic methods (SEO, Social Media, Content) to increase traffic and conversions, our client will not need to depend on paid ads to grow their business.

Quick tip: In many situations you can boost your organic website traffic by fixing and optimizing what you have already built.


$200,000+ sales in under 5 months

using Search Engine Optimization

Services Provided:

We believe it’s important for you to know exactly what we did to get our client these results.

SEO and Content Audits

Using our favorite tools we analyzed every aspect of our client’s digital presence to uncover where improvements could be made.

Market Research

We assess what the market is doing and determine if there any existing or upcoming trends or trending topics.

Competitive Analysis

Compiled a list of the top 10 competitors, analyzed their strategies, and discovered gaps in the marketplace that we could fill.


Keywords, Links, SERPS, Backlinks, Meta Descriptions, Website Schema, Robots Txt, Google My Business, Image, Speed Improvements, Alt Texts.

Business Listings

Submitted to over 30 Business Listing Directories. A mix of the most popular and most used general business listing directories and industry-specific ones.

Website Optimization

Page loading time, information layout optimization, copywriting edits and optimization, menu layout and display, image compression and lazy load.

SEO-Ready Blog Writing

Delivered 8 SEO-Ready Blog Posts of 1500-3000 words per month to compete within the industry.

Social Media Content

Created 30-60 social media posts per month for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google My Business.

Website Management

Four hours of monthly maintenance and website updates.

Graphic Design

Social Media Content, Banners, Blog Posts, Digital and For-Print Brochures, Logo Resolution, Image Resizing.

Created and submitted blog posts reviewed by medical professionals to industry-specific guest blogging websites.

Strategy Development

Before any good plan could be launched, we needed to devise one.