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A Pizza Pizza location our team frequents was losing 90% of their sales per month during the early months of Covid-19.

Since this is a location our team frequents often, we wanted to help when we got word of how badly Covid had impacted his business. We stopped in, offered assistance, contacted the Regional Marketing Director, submitted a Facebook Ads Strategy that could be carried out for each of their franchisees and gained approval to proceed. When testing out our proposed solution, the franchisee said to have seen immediate results and that orders were flowing again.

Client Goal:

Generate sales while respecting strict budgets



  • Covid-19 pandemic
  • Restaurant and hospitality industries were hurting
  • 90% revenue loss
  • Employee layoffs
  • Budget cuts
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Health Fears


To generate sales we:

  • Collected data about Consumers and Covid-19 fears
  • Developed a propriety method now known as D.E.C.C.S (Data-Empathy-Content-Customer Service)
  • Devised a strategy that would address Consumer fears surrounding Covid-19 transmissibility
  • Created a Facebook Ads Campaign targeting the customers of competitors


The franchisee we set out to assist claims the ad strategy worked and that orders began flowing in. To his knowledge Corporate adopted our recommendations of creating a Facebook page for each of their franchise locations. This has enabled them to run Micro-Facebook ad campaigns which can be calibrated to address the different customer profiles within the local markets they serve and operate in.

I did the Facebook/Instagram Ads as per your recommendations and it has been responsive. I have seen a rise in calls and walk-ins! I will spread the word to my circle of friends and certainly recommend you. Thank you!

Sayed P.

Franchise Owner, Pizza Pizza

Sales began flowing immediately and the franchise owner was able to begin to offset revenue losses. 

Services Provided:

We believe it’s important for you to know exactly what we did to get our client these results.

Content Audits

Using our favorite tools we analyzed every aspect of Nikon’s digital presence to uncover where improvements could be made.

Market Research

We assess what the market is doing and determine if there any existing or upcoming trends or trending topics.

Competitive Analysis

Compiled a list of the top 10 competitors, analyzed their strategies, and discovered gaps in the marketplace that we could fill.

Strategy Development

Factoring in every variable from platform Algorithm to what Nikon’s competitors were doing, we developed a strategy.

Brand Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of audience engagement and comments to ensure content was resonating.