Nikon Canada

Camera and Photography

1,000 – 23K Instagram Followers

Nikon Canada had about 1,000 followers after being active on Instagram for 5 years.

Noticing that a national brand didn’t have a larger and more engaged audience, we took it upon ourselves to contact Head Office to see if they wanted assistance. In the end, we provided a strategy that helped Nikon Canada go from roughly 1,000 followers on Instagram to 23,000 followers in under a year.




Establish a larger audience on Instagram and have a more engaged audience. The end-result was to increase Click-through-rate from social media to website.



  • Content wasn’t optimized
  • Instagram algorithm had changed (15 Hashtags)
  • B2C brand needing to engage community
  • Improper use of Instagram’s internal tools
  • Strategy was outdated


To grow an audience on Instagram we:

  • Leveraged every tool inside of Instagram
  • Engage with audience and collaborators
  • Develop strategy to enable Nikon to grow
  • Hashtag research
  • Developed content buckets
  • User-Generated Content Strategy


In under one year and without the use of paid ads, Nikon Canada was able to grow their social media audience to 23,000 Instagram followers using proposed social media strategy.

1,000 – 23,000 followers in under one year using organic content and user-generated content.

Services Provided:

We believe it’s important for you to know exactly what we did to get our client these results.

Content Audits

Using our favorite tools we analyzed every aspect of Nikon’s digital presence to uncover where improvements could be made.

Market Research

We assess what the market is doing and determine if there any existing or upcoming trends or trending topics.

Competitive Analysis

Compiled a list of the top 10 competitors, analyzed their strategies, and discovered gaps in the marketplace that we could fill.

Strategy Development

Factoring in every variable from the platform’s Algorithm to what Nikon’s competitors were doing, we developed a strategy.

Brand Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of audience engagement and comments to ensure content was resonating.