Business Development

How To Build A Solid Foundation For Your Business

In 2016, Mike and I discovered something… We discovered that entrepreneurs and business owners we had met and worked with, went into business for themselves because they wanted to escape the 9-5 grind and were amazing at WHAT THEY DID… For example, contractors are amazing with their hands and have the skills to redesign an […]

Business Automation

Top 5 Business Automation Systems You Should Use

Business Automation and How It Can Play A Vital Role For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses. Before we dive into the HOW, I would like, to begin with, a short story. When I started my first business (an online clothing store), I knew nothing. Ziltch. Nada. ZERO. I knew what I wanted to do but did […]


Avoiding Employee Turnover Via Management Policy

There are many factors that have dramatic impacts on the financial well-being of a company. To assist in maximizing profit at every opportunity for a client’s automotive business, one of the many things we addressed was operational costs and the associated expenses involved with hiring new staff. Ultimately it is the goal of most individuals […]