About Us

Elevated Business Solutions

Our Story

We are Elevated Business Solutions and we are definitely not your run of the mill online advertising agency. Our founders are ambitious, our team is fueled with endless creativity, and our clients are just as hungry as we are to become THE authority in their industry.

Elevated Business Solutions came to be in 2018 and was started by our founders with drive, vision and a strong love for marketing and all that it encompasses. Everything from strategizing, to design, to storytelling, to creating brand personas, driving revenue, and making strong connections with customers. Our sole purpose is to help businesses deliver marketing that makes an impact and drives results.

We know that people are the life blood of any business,  and with that, have placed building business to consumer relationships as the main focus of the work we do here. With every project we work on, we challenge our team of experts to think outside-of-the-box to create high-quality and effective marketing strategies and materials utilizing the tools and systems we know work.

The Difference Between EBS And Other Online Advertising Agencies

The answer is simple because there are five variables that separate us from your every day agency.

1. We take pride in our work and won't rest until you are satisfied.

The fact is, until you are satisfied our work is never done because we truly value you, your business and the trust you place in us to complete or manage your projects.

2. Our methods and strategies are tried/tested and truly work to produce results.

Need a social media strategy that will grow your audience? No problem. Need someone to manage your social media channels? No problem. Want someone to create all of your social media content? No sweat! We do it all for you so we can tackle and deliver on all of your marketing needs, leaving you to focus on what matters. Making your customers happy. *You can select the individual services you need. We just want you to know that we can make your life much easier.

We don't just offer services. We offer full stack, done-for-you services.

Social Media Strategy -> Social Media Management -> Social Media Content

Website Design -> Search Engine Optimization -> Website Management

Landing pages -> PPC -> Email Marketing

3. We work with you on a daily basis to make sure all of your marketing needs are met.

We know things come up and that life can get busy. So how does knowing you can talk to us and coordinate with our team on a daily basis sound to you? We think it is important for you to feel like your marketing team is in the room next to you. That's why every morning and afternoon we send you an email asking you if any new ideas or projects have come to light. We also make our call booking calendar available to all of our clients so that you can let us know when you would like us to call you.

4. We do more, because your business means more.

Yes, we have been at this for quite some time and our team consistently strives to deliver only the best results. While we know what works now, we are constantly testing and reworking different strategies and methods on our own side projects to ensure we maintain today's best marketing practices and stay ahead of industry trends.

5. We operate with full transparency and value your thoughts and insight.

Knowing our clients are happy is more important to us than anything else. To ensure our clients stay happy we make sure we work with them and disclose all variables that could affect the outcome of a project.  In otherwords, you will know everything we do when it comes to any project we work on and the hurdles we may face.  More importantly, if we really do not think we can accomplish a specific project, you will know well in advance. Better yet, we will openly tell you that we can't and will direct you to someone who can.

Our Approach

We have assembled a close-knit team of experts in various fields to further develop and improve your business.  We utilize the best of our innovation and critical analysis to the direct benefit of our clients.  Nothing is more important to us here at Elevated Business Solutions than the satisfaction of our clients.

We have the combined efforts of consultants and advisors with backgrounds in business, marketing, psychology, and law. Elevated Business Solutions is backed by seasoned-experts in consulting, research and development, and project management, and this is all to the advantage of our clients.

We believe in open dialogue, transparency, and honesty.  It is our mission to know our clients as people, to know their businesses, and to have meaningful discourse about client objectives before working cooperatively towards client goals.

Who do we have on our team?

• Business Development Consultants

• Brand and Marketing Consultants

• Project Managers

• Social Media Strategists and Managers

• Email Marketing Experts

• Lead Generation Experts

• Web Designers & SEO Specialists

• Copywriters

• Content Creation Specialists

• Graphic Designers

• Videographers

• Photographers