About Social Net

What is Social Net?

Social Net is our intricate system comprised of software, talented service partners, and our own amazing team of creatives. The purpose behind Social Net is to enable organizations to align their brand across multiple online platforms and to deliver a new approach to personalized marketing for both single and multi-location businesses.

It provides businesses like yours with:

  • A data-centric holistic view of how your business is performing online.
  • The ability to compare your entire organization or a single location against global and local competitors.
  • The means to align your brand across every online platform regardless of the number of locations you have.
  • The ability to distribute branded content across multiple online platforms.
  • The means to engage every customer that engages with your business online.

How does Social Net work?

Social Net works in FIVE Phases.

1. Collect, analyze, and aggregate data.

Phase one is to get a pulse and clear understanding of your current business’ online performance. To do that, we tell our software about your online channels and allow it to collect data. Real-time data is available within a single dashboard where all the information is presented in beautiful charts and tables. All of your KPIs are updated by the minute and presented clearly so that you know exactly how each marketing activity is performing.

2. Measure and compare digital marketing KPIs against other locations and global/local direct competitors.

Repeat Phase 1 based on the number of locations and competitors you have. It’s never been easier to get KPIs about how your business is performing online from a global, country-specific, regional or local perspective.

Note: If you have 10 or more locations that you would like to get a pulse on, we have the ability to import a CSV file into our software with all the necessary information.

3. Content Creation

Creating personalized content whether for a single or multi-location business used to be tedious, expensive and frankly, near impossible to align when dealing with multiple platforms.

Social Net comes with a systemized approach to creating content at scale and ensures your customers are receiving high-quality content that not only resonates but engages them. 

4. Content Distribution

With the many online platforms currently in use by a single business, it can seem daunting when trying to create and release content consistently. Social Net’s dashboard includes content calendars for single location and multi-location marketing teams.

If you don’t want to schedule your content yourself, you can entrust our team to manage and schedule your content on your behalf.

5. Engagement

    Comments, direct messages, and reviews across your website, Google and social platforms can easily become overwhelming to manage and respond to. Inside Social Nets’ dashboard, you can see, manage and respond to every comment, direct message and review relating to your business. Have multiple locations? Even better. Everything said about each location can be aggregated into our dashboard allowing you and your team to easily manage and respond to every customer.

    Inside our Social Net dashboard, you can effortlessly see what customers are saying about each location and measure the overall perceptions customers have of your business. Also, a really awesome tool to quickly and effectively resolve customer inquiries and complaints via your many channels.

    How we do it

    There are two ways we can help. If you prefer to use our tools to enable your in-house marketing and content team(s) then we can provide you with access to our Social Net dashboard. If you prefer to have a dedicated team of marketing specialists focused on completing the FIVE Phases for your single location or multi-location business, we can use our internal frameworks to ensure the highest levels of efficiency, brand consistency, and customer relations are met.

    We’ve built our unique system to help businesses engage more of their customers and knew that even large enterprise organizations with thousands of locations could benefit from a fully scalable personalized marketing system.

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