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Though we can’t promise specific revenue outcomes or SEO rankings when using organic content, we can 100% promise that you will be satisfied and that our work will have a positive impact on your business.


$200k Revenue In Under 5 Months (900% ROI)

$1,000/Month to $6,000+/ Month (466% ROI)

1K Instagram Followers to 23K Followers

90% Revenue Loss to Sales In 24-48 Hours


Simple. We’re not your run of the mill marketing company and pride ourselves on FIVE key details.

1. 10+ years of trial, error, tweaking and reverse-engineering marketing campaigns in multiple verticals for both personal projects and clients.

2. Unmatched Customer Service and Support.

3. We only work with clients we’re 99.9% positive we can help.

4. We create powerful, engaging and data-driven content that works.

5. You never get left in the dark because transparency is not optional.

Quality and Results.

We Do Digital Differently.

Relentless in our pursuit of happy clients.



We pride ourselves on being able to deliver nothing but the best quality services and unmatched customer experiences to all of our clients.

As the saying goes… “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Love working with Elevated Business Solutions! Such a great time. Kevin always takes the time to explain everything to me that I may not understand. The communication is great and I am so happy with the services they are providing. Highly recommended to big or small businesses. They have someone and something to fit every need!

Jasmine Ricafort

General Manager, Elivia Beauté

“We couldn’t have asked for more! The level of service and industry expertise was beyond what we expected. Always very professional, courteous, and available. Kevin understood the core of our vision. This is key for any business to be successful. We recommend them 100% without hesitation.”

Jocé G.

Co-Owner, Medical Cannabis Consult

“I wish I knew about these guys before I wasted time and money on other developers who never delivered what they promised! Kevin and his team made my vision come to life in just a few short weeks and went beyond my expectations! Very professional, knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with! Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their business.”

Jackie B.

CEO, Erth Naturals

“Great team and exceptional service. They really want your success and you can feel it. Such a pleasure working with you guys!”

Dr. Mark Krasny

CEO, Dermafina

“I met Kevin through Instagram and I am glad I did because not only has his company saved me lots of time, he’s also been very helpful with anything else I needed or questions I had. Kevin makes all the photos on my Instagram page from scratch. Before I would have to source out images, quotes I liked, and then add them to the photos which is very time-consuming, especially if your not good with that kind of stuff. As a business owner of multiple companies, I know it’s best to spend my efforts elsewhere to be most effective in what I do and that’s what Kevin and his team have allowed me to do. The price he charges is well worth it because he only makes high-quality images. After he’s done I would go through the photos and so far I have loved every one of them. If there are any photos that haven’t matched my brands’ needs, he would create a new one for me and substitute it in. Even after all that, he will find ways to make them better, so your social media looks like nothing else but top notch. Thanks again to Kevin and his team for all the help!

Trevor R

CEO, Powerful Empire

“I did the Facebook/Instagram Ads as per your recommendations and it has been responsive. I have seen a rise in calls and walk-ins! I will spread the word to my circle of friends and certainly recommend you.”

Sayed. P.

Franchise Owner, Pizza Pizza

Kevin blew my expectations. He was polite informative & knowledgeable! He was extremely helpful in forming our vision of our business. I couldn’t have asked for someone better! If you have a project that you want completed in a timely manner!? I highly recommend that you get in contact with Elevated Business Solutions.”

Lyndon Salandy

Owner, CAPE Towel

“After two months of utilizing Kevin’s developed digital media strategy, we saw unprecedented organic growth on all of our digital platforms.”


Social Media Manager, Nikon

I’ve worked with Kevin and Elevated Business Solutions on a number of projects and my experience has been beyond awesome! The help and support is immediate, the knowledge given is second to none and the success I have had is more than what I imagined. My website is impeccable and is user friendly. The business course is nothing short of amazing. Things I had no clue that would have an impact on my business were brought to the forefront so I was aware of those areas that needed some attention. And finally, the social media expertise has been extremely helpful. But most importantly, Kevin became personally invested in my thoughts and dreams. I not only had someone with all the knowledge but also had someone in my corner 100%. That, to me, is priceless. I highly recommend Elevated Business solutions for any and ALL of your needs.

Lindsi Sanor

CEO & Personal Trainer, Lindsi Sanor Fitness

“AWESOME. This team offered and continues to offer so much support to me, I am blown away. They give concrete, actionable advice and guidance that actually has outcomes. They were sooo excellent in guiding me through the world of SEO – thank you, thank you! 6 stars!!”

Savanna Schiavo

Owner, Savanna Schiavo Coaching