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What We Do

We guide you to where your business deserves to be!

We're Elevated Business Solutions - A business development and digital marketing agency for today's entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations. Most entrepreneurs and businesses struggle with adapting to changing markets, optimizing their operations, attracting the right customers, and building the audience they need in order to cultivate brand authority and trust. That is exactly where we come in. We at Elevated Business Solutions have developed cutting-edge techniques to develop, support and elevate every aspect of your business.

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs and businesses become sustainable and leading authorities in their industry — ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs and businesses just like you. We aim to provide you with a competitive advantage by optimizing your operations, your marketing strategies and branding efforts. We facilitate hands on training, done-for-you services, and business consulting ranging from market evaluation, to developing new policies and divisions within your specific company.

Are you looking to maximise your current market penetration or expand into a new market? Are you in need of a new branding initiative? Or do you simply want to hit the Refresh button on your company?

Our team of unique solutions specialists will breathe new life into every aspect of your business, establish the foundation for your continued growth, and solidify your brand's strength and awareness.

The end result? Optimized business operations that lower your costs while increasing your profit, a brand experience your customers will never forget, and steady stream of ready-to-buy customers.

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Ottawa Business Consulting
Ottawa Business Consulting

Why We Do It

Simply Put:

Being an entrepreneur, or creating a business usually stems from a bold vision. Every success story has a vision of helping others, or bettering our world in some fashion. Without such visions, the world would not be what it is today, and most businesses we can readily identify would not likely exist.

Elevated Business Solutions is no different. We have an ever-growing, and unwavering love and passion for helping everyone from entrepreneurs, to large corporations attain new heights. Our mission is to elevate as many entrepreneurs and businesses as possible by providing superior service and industry expertise. Have dreams? Have vision? Have large obstacles to overcome? That is our why! Having our clients reach that 'next level' is what we strive for. When we hear our clients have elevated past what they once thought to be unattainable, we know we've made a difference.

Do you want to reach new levels?

Of course you do! For us to make a difference in your business, and help you to surpass your most daunting challenges, you're going to need a game plan that is as unique as your business. Great news! At Elevated Business Solutions that's exactly what you're going to get! Custom tailored strategies, solutions, and services.

How We Do It

Our Process.

We've got specific and proven processes for businesses of all sizes and industries that are designed to get you the results you're after. Our processes and solutions will have you being recognized as the respected authority in your industry and will help you build a sustainable future for your business. Regardless of what the markets decide to do.

Our process is simple and effective:

  • We review and analyze your current business operations, marketing strategies and branding efforts to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • We custom tailor solutions that will optimize and strengthen your operations, get you in front of your preferred clients and create meaningful, long-term connections.
  • Implement your customized solutions to reach your untapped sources of revenue.

You see, it’s about more than just “oh it's my daily operations..." or, "oh it's my marketing..." Businesses are built on systems that are meant to work in unison like a well-oiled machine. That means your business operations should reflect your marketing and branding efforts, and your branding and marketing efforts should reflect your operations. It's important to remember that, when one portion of your business is failing, it's just a matter of time until the rest of it does too. But, when you have well-thought out solutions crafted by industry experts, you will have a business that will not only be able to withstand changes in the marketplace, but will continue to thrive in the 'new world.'

Then... it’s back to what you do best. Inspiring and leading the world to do bigger and better things.

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Trevor from @Powerful_Empire

I met Kevin through Instagram and I am glad I did because not only has his company saved me lots of time, he's also been very helpful with anything else I needed or questions I had. Kevin makes all the photos on my Instagram page from scratch. Before I would have to source out images, quotes I liked, and then add them to the photos which is very time-consuming, especially if your not good with that kind of stuff. As a business owner of multiple companies, I know it's best to spend my efforts elsewhere to be most effective in what I do and that's what Kevin and his team have allowed me to do. The price he charges is well worth it because he only makes high-quality images. After he's done I would go through the photos and so far I have loved every one of them. If there are any photos that haven't matched my brands' needs, he would create a new one for me and substitute it in. Even after all that, he will find ways to make them better, so your social media looks like nothing else but top notch. Thanks again to Kevin and his team for all the help!

Savanna Marie

AWESOME. This team offered and continues to offer so much support to me, I am blown away. They give concrete, actionable advice and guidance that actually has outcomes. They were sooo excellent in guiding me through the world of SEO - thank you, thank you! 6 stars!

Kristyn Garcia

Elevated Business Solutions provided so much value for my real estate investing business in just a 1-hour consultation. We looked through my ads to figure out what was working and what was not. They provided stats that helped narrow down my demographics. This alone has saved me hundreds in ad spend and many hours of frustration. I realized my ads were either too broad or irrelevant, and weren't targeting the right people. I have since then revised my ads and connected them to a clear landing page. Elevated Business Solutions is very knowledgeable and professional. Their level of expertise really shows, and they are a pleasure to work with... Would highly recommend!


We go above and beyond to provide you with the best information. As a result of our efforts, you will be confident knowing your important decisions are being made from a position of experience and understanding. Above all, we understand the importance of extensive and unbiased external input, and more importantly, deciding from the most informed knowledge base.

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Creating long-term value for your business is our main priority. We endeavour to assist you in building long-term relationships with your existing customers while finding new ones. In doing so, we look at all the variables, then commence exploring your current market to create new opportunities and fortify existing ones.  Because expansion can increase potential profit, we also explore new markets for you to expand into. Please note that we also provide special rates if you need services for a smaller business.

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Are you struggling to define your desired customer and consequently to reach them? Don't leave it to chance and waste profit on a trial-and-error marketing plan. Let Elevated Business Solutions assess what you are currently doing and work out any shortcomings for you. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), product launches, sales funnels, and online marketing.

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