Covid-19 Update: As many entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations are tirelessly searching to come out on top of Covid-19, we remain open and are here to continue to support you. We know what businesses are going through and hear your battle cries loud and clear. We continue to provide unmatched and cost-effective marketing solutions to ensure your doors can stay open. We are providing free 1-hour consultations to provide answers for obstacles you are currently needing to overcome. You can schedule your call with one of our experts by clicking the “Video Call & Coffee” button above. You are not alone, we are in this together, and we are here for you.

Who We Are

Elevated Business Solutions: Online Marketing Made Easy.


e are a premier online marketing company that specializes in creating and delivering highly engaging unique online customer experiences. Our sole purpose is to build customer relations and brand awareness by putting the digital spotlight on the unique digital/physical environments and experiences your business delivers.

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Your Brand Is The Promise You Made To Your Customers. The Experience You Provide Your Customers Will Determine Whether Or Not You Kept It.
~ Kevin EB

Our Specialty

Social Media Strategy, Content and Management.

Use your social media platforms to connect with your customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales. No problem! We do exactly that!

We have a social media marketing recipe that will leave you awestruck and your audiences growing and wanting to engage with your brand.

All of our clients have seen a 300% – 1000%+ increase in organic audience growth, reach, and engagement after following the strategies we develop. The strategies we develop focus on helping our clients attract their ideal customers through strategically designed content.

Want a team of highly-knowledgeable and experienced experts managing and creating your content for you? Team-up with our expert social media managers and content creators to create content that matters to your business and your audience.

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Additional Services

Website Design, Hosting & Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website & Social Media Content Creation

Strategy Development

Email Copywriting

Campaign Management

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand Identity

Graphic & Print Design

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve worked with Kevin and Elevated Business Solutions on a number of projects and my experience has been beyond awesome! The help and support is immediate, the knowledge given is second to none and the success I have had is more than what I imagined. My website is impeccable and is user friendly. The business course is nothing short of amazing. Things I had no clue that would have an impact on my business were brought to the forefront so I was aware of those areas that needed some attention. And finally the social media expertise has been extremely helpful. But most importantly, Kevin became personally invested in my thoughts and dreams. I not only had someone with all the knowledge but also had someone in my corner 100%. That, to me, is priceless. I highly recommend Elevated Business solutions for any and ALL of your needs.
Lindsi Sanor
We couldn’t of asked for more! The level of service and industry expertise were beyond what we expected. Always very professional, courteous, and available. Kevin understood the core of our vision. This is key for any business to be successful. We recommend them 100% without hesitation.
Jocé, Medical Cannabis Consult
I met Kevin through Instagram and I am glad I did because not only has his company saved me lots of time, he’s also been very helpful with anything else I needed or questions I had. Kevin makes all the photos on my Instagram page from scratch. Before I would have to source out images, quotes I liked, and then add them to the photos which is very time-consuming, especially if your not good with that kind of stuff. As a business owner of multiple companies, I know it’s best to spend my efforts elsewhere to be most effective in what I do and that’s what Kevin and his team have allowed me to do. The price he charges is well worth it because he only makes high-quality images. After he’s done I would go through the photos and so far I have loved every one of them. If there are any photos that haven’t matched my brands’ needs, he would create a new one for me and substitute it in. Even after all that, he will find ways to make them better, so your social media looks like nothing else but top notch. Thanks again to Kevin and his team for all the help!
Trevor R, Powerful Empire
AWESOME. This team offered and continues to offer so much support to me, I am blown away. They give concrete, actionable advice and guidance that actually has outcomes. They were sooo excellent in guiding me through the world of SEO – thank you, thank you! 6 stars!
Savanna Marie
Elevated Business Solutions provided so much value for my real estate investing business in just a 1-hour consultation. We looked through my ads to figure out what was working and what was not. They provided stats that helped narrow down my demographics. This alone has saved me hundreds in ad spend and many hours of frustration. I realized my ads were either too broad or irrelevant, and weren’t targeting the right people. I have since then revised my ads and connected them to a clear landing page. Elevated Business Solutions is very knowledgeable and professional. Their level of expertise really shows, and they are a pleasure to work with… Would highly recommend!
Kristyn Garcia

Our Proven Process Produces Results


Meet in person or video call with one of our experts about your business and marketing needs.


Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we begin developing your branding / marketing campaigns.


The magic our team creates for your business will be unveiled to the world in all of its awesomeness.


We don’t just stop once your branding / marketing initiatives have been launched. We monitor our work to ensure you receive the most effective version.


Blue-42 Set Hut. We hand you the ball so you can run it all the way up the field to score the game winning touch down.

We’re Here To Take Your Brand To New Heights.

Through Experience, Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination.

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